10 Fave Items That Can Double As A Halloween Costume

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” -Cady Heron | Mean Girls.

It’s HERE! The spo0oO0okiest time of the year! You’ll probably scroll through Pinterest, Google, or whatever and search for the BEST inspiration for your costume. And to be honest, if you’re anything like me, I find myself stuck in between two situations EVERY damn year:

Situation #1: “OMG I’m SO doing that! No one will have this costume.” You plan this elaborate, awesome, UNIQUE costume up in your head. “I’ve got like 4 weeks to get it together, I’ve got time.” Then all of a sudden it’s the night before the party, you still haven’t made any attempt to make the costume and that masterpiece of an idea just flew out the door.

Situation #2: You’ve turned into Popular Patty this Halloween and you have like a trillion different parties to go to and dress up for. You take a quick glance at your bank account and you die a little inside. The only thing you can afford is about 1/4 of a costume that’s at those overpriced Halloween stores.

Let’s be real, if I had a dollar, scratch that, a PENNY for every time I came in contact with one of those situations, I’d be a millionaire. Sometimes I don’t have the time, energy, or money to put together a costume but I want to APPEAR like I have my life together and show off my imaginative side. It’s time to turn to your closet. You need to get creative with what you’ve already got to save you time and money, honey. Besides, what’s better than having something that can be worn everyday and then get double use as a costume, right?!

We’re here to help and show you some of our favorite items from our shop that we put together to create a thoughtful and cute costume ideas!


If you have a striped top, a baseball hat, and a whistle (which can be bought at the dollar store), you are now a referee. Pair with some black bottoms (shorts, leggings, jeans) and white tennis shoes you’ll be sure to “SCORE” this years costume contest * dear god, dad jokes, seriously?! *


Our inspo: Our Time Out Top


For this look, you can get creative! Really all you need is a glittery dress of some sort to give that ‘mystical’ appearance. Throw a braid or curls in your hair and some makeup details that look like scales and you are now a seaweed princess. You can even go a little extra and hit the Dollar Store and grab a pack of shells and stick them to your outfit, skin, or hair!


Our inspo: Ariel Dress (hence the name)


I feel like every time I see a red and white striped top I immediately think of Where’s Waldo (or a candy cane). All you would need is a striped top, jeans, a pair of glasses and a beanie. If you want to get technical, you can add his walking cane too, but we’re going SIMPLICITY here, okay?!

Our Inspo: Pepe Top


You have GOT to own some sort of pink dress/top/ANYTHING. Slap that on, do your makeup like a pageant queen, and grab heels. To add to it, you can always get a piece of paper and draw the Barbie logo an take it around with you! Also, if you don’t play “I’m a Barbie girl” at least once while being Barbie for Halloween, consider it a FAIL.

Our Inspo: Jessie Dress


So many options with a cowgirl: fringe, flannels, denim tops. You can wear really any of those for a top and pair it with some jeans, boots, and a hat and YEEEEEE-HAWWWWW you’re looking like a true southern belle.


Our Inspo: Remi Tassle Top


I feel like really any BRIGHT colors can be used for this. If they’re striped that a bonus! Pair a Bunch of colors together, add a hula hoop + stuffed animal lion to portray a “ring” for it to hop through and you’re ready to take on a circus!


Our Inspo: Deja Vu Pants + Lux Bodysuit


This one you can play around with a lot! Green goddess, green ivy, mother nature, really anything with leaves or natural elements! All you need is a green top or dress and brown leggings (optional) to give a bark look. Add some leaves in your hair or do your make up with some browns and greens and other earth tones and you are looking like a NATURAL (okay, we have got to stop with these puns) beauty!


Our Inspo: Ivy Dress


Every girl has to have SOME sort of cheetah or leopard designed SOMETHING. Throw it on, grab some cat ears at the dollar store (can you tell we love this store) and draw on some whiskers. It’s a slight upgrade from just you’re average “CAT” costume. “Oh, you’re a cat?” “Um, excuse me, I’m a Acinonyx Jubatus (technical species name of a cheetah) , DUH.”


Our Inspo: Wild Thoughts Dress


I laughed putting this one together, because I would actually consider wearing this combo out in my everyday looks. Really all you need is any type of pants that are flared, floral, or even denim and any top thats plain, cropped, has a retro saying/logo and some sandals. You can add a headband to lock in the look as well as constantly throwing up the ‘peace sign’ in every picture.


Our Inspo: Monroe Jumpsuit + Duende Headband


This is one of my favorite eras! So many different ways to pull this look off. The most simple one would be any black dress, black headband, and some pearls. You can pin your hair up to the side to give it that extra touch too!

Our Inspo: Talk About It Dress + Duende Headband

Well there you have it, 10 easy, quick, and cheap ideas to pull out of your closet and create for this year’s Halloween. Creating something shouldn’t be too stressful so we hope this helps even a little bit. You can shop any of these looks in store or online at RUBOOBOUTIQUE.COM ! If you used any of our items for your inspo make sure to tag us in them so we can see how you went with the look!


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