We asked ourselves,

"what would happen if Ruboo Boutique + AJBC Photography came together?"


Autumn and her team over at AJBC Photography made our jaws drop.



She first came into the boutique and said, "Okay, so I'm going to pick out stuff that's going to put these girls out of their comfort zones. I'm picking stuff that someone would be like 'WTF IS THAT?' and I'm going to make it work."

+ you know what? SHE MADE IT WORK.

Autumn is such a dream to work with. Her rare and unique style is unexplainable and she just, GETS IT. From picking out VOGUE outfits and making them look effortless, to using creative ways to give you the pictures she takes, all the way to her bubbly personality, she is hands down someone you NEED to work with sometime soon. 

There is no question or doubt about why she's an award winning photographer. 

Senior shoots, collabs, business head shots, boudoirs, events, YOU NAME IT - SHE DOES IT. 

You can find more fun and unique collaborations and shots on their website over at: 


Follow their instagram @AJBCPHOTOGRAPHY

Also, a huge thank you to the beautiful models:






Check out all their work as well!

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xo, RB