Why you need a bodysuit in your life

I hear it about 30 times a day when people spot one in the shop. “Bodysuits?! They’re reallllllly coming back?!” HELL YES THEY'RE BACK KAREN! My mom likes to sit in my shop and reminisce on her golden days of when she used to wear them. I like to wonder why they ever went away and how some people STILL don’t have one. Sure, they can be a pain in the ass to go to the bathroom in, but hey, BEAUTY IS PAIN, AMIRITE?! So that’s what I’m here to talk about today:

Why you need a bodysuit, like yesterday.


Have you ever worn a high waisted skirt or jeans and had that tank top that you tuck into your pants and throughout the night you find yourself constantly tucking it back in? Yeah, meeeeeee toooooooo. I look like an idiot “Oh hold on, just gotta tuck my shirt into my pants for the 80th time this evening, nothing to see here”. You lift your arm: BAM top pops out. You bend over real quick: BAM top pops out. You are doing absolutely nothing: BAM top pops out. It’s just annoying right? With a bodysuit you don’t have to worry about anything coming undone or having to constantly tuck in anything. True story: I have a one and a half year old and I’m constantly running after that monster. If I could have a Top where I’m running around like a mad woman and my outfit doesn’t fall apart from trying to track him down, SIGN ME UP. I will run all over the park, house, store, world and my top stays tucked right in and let me tell you, IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING. I finally get my hands on that gremlin I’ve been hunting down for 24 minutes and you mean to tell me I now have to tuck my top back in because my stomach is hanging out?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Bodysuits = tucked in magic-ness.  



To add to this whole “tucked in shirt” catastrophe, have you ever noticed how when you do tuck your shirt in there is one phase before it actually pops out. The shirt tends to ride up and form this “fabric roll” that just is the most un-sexy thing I have ever seen. “Nope I didn’t gain 10 pounds, that’s just my fabric baby”. It makes this unflattering roll in all the wrong areas and it’s just not cute. A bodysuit eliminates that and gives you a smooth appearance without that extra roll going on! Plus a lot of the bodysuits have a good amount of spandex in them so they tone and slim everything to give you a smooth appearance. I strongly support a top if it even makes me look 5 pounds lighter than I actually am. And I think I can also say even you reading this can support that too. 


This is my favorite and most passionate point on this topic. There are SOOOO many ways to style them! I’ll admit it, I’m thrifty. When I purchase something I sit and stare at it for a hot second and think “how many times will I wear this” “how many seasons can I get out of this” “what can I pair with this” “where could I see myself wearing this to?!” I want to make sure I’m getting the best use out of everything so that I feel that item is worth it. Bodysuits are an all year, all occasion item. Summer/Spring: wear the Bodysuit as is! Throw on some jeans, a skirt, ANYTHING with it. Pair with some jewelry, and you’re ready to take on the warmer days! Fall/Winter: pair with a scarf or throw a cardigan over It to prepare for those colder days! 

Now I will admit, there are some things you may not like about a bodysuit. Like I mentioned before, they aren’t the funnest to go to the bathroom in. BUT nine times out of ten, that bodysuit has buttons on the bottom that you can easily undo and it just makes your life a little easier! Another thing you might not like is the style of the bottom. I’m talking about if it’s thong styled or brief styled. Either way, try one on, figure out which style works for you. I personally like thong styled because then it doesn’t give any underwear lines. But I do have a few brief styled bodysuits and I just pair them with jeans and you can’t even tell. I also like that it doesn’t ride up in all the area I don’t want it to.

Look, I could go on and on and on about why you need a bodysuit. There are cons to a bodysuit but the pros just outweigh it so much more. Just trust me, get one. You can thank me later. Our most popular one we have is our Erin Bodysuit and it comes in four different colors. You bet your sweet cheeks I own all four because I literally love them THAT much. If you purchase our Erin Bodysuit they are $24 or 2 for $40 using code ERINBUNDLE at checkout! PLUS FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!

XO, Ruboo Boutique

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