10 Thing You Need To Get Rid Of Or Stop Doing In 2018

Well now that 2017 has passed, 2018 is here and you know what they say, "Page 1 of 365". When a new year comes in, I don't know what it is but we all have this little voice in our head that says, "this is TOTALLY my year! This is the year that I get my shit together!" We buy a planner in hopes that we'll maybe become time efficient. We clean our pig sty room so we're organized. We get that new edgy hair cut we've been saying were going to do for months because hey, ~*NeW yEaR nEw Me*~ 

Let's be totally real here, there's things we've been saying for years we're going to change or get rid of, and we never actually do. So we're here to help you narrow down that NEVER ENDING list to the things that LITERALLY need to be cut off.


1. Doubt.

You have GOT to stop saying "What if" or "I can't". Doubt is the only thing in the way from you doing exactly what you want to do. I doubted myself before opening Ruboo. "It'll never make it", "What if I fail", "Port Huron?! NO WAY" were just a few of my favorites to be exact. Look where I'm at now. I moved my business Downtown that has an actual storefront now. You have to be brave here and no matter where you are in your life you have to say, "I can do this, I KNOW I can do this!" Regardless of what other people say. You will never know until you try. When you set small goals, you're only going to get small results. Whether it's starting a new journey, new job, or new ANYTHING, you got this! Trust us!


2. Hating Your Body

This has been erking (is that a word...?) me for a while now. I'm so tired of being with my friends and scrolling through Instagram and hearing "OMG I WOULD DIE TO LOOK LIKE THAT!" I mean it would be nice to wake up and have a toned 6 pack and Kim K booty, but we are all beautiful. I know, I know it's SO CLICHE for me to say, "WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL". But we really are. Everyone always has something we want that we don't have. That also means someone wants something YOU have. We need to accept that everything we see on social media is everyone's BEST. You don't see me, a new mom to a 9 month old baby boy posting up on Insta with my hair in a birds nest bun (like it probably has been for the last 2 days), shirt with banana baby food and spit up, and my faded PINK yoga pants being like "feeling boujee". NO. You see me in heels, hair done, enough makeup probably for two people, and an outfit I spent 2 hours putting together. Point is, we're always comparing ourselves to people who put their BEST out there to the public eye. You need to stop this crap and love yourself. The minute you do, you'll truly understand how beautiful you are.


3. Feeling like you have to have your life together

SPOILER ALERT: NO ONE HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. I don't care if you're married with a 401K, successful job and living in a fancy neighborhood; there is something in your life that is off. I see too many people freaking out because they don't know what they want to do with their lives, and the truth is, it's OK.  "Shouldn't you be settling down and having kids?!"  "Shouldn't you be talking about your 5th marriage Aunt Karen?"


4. Toxic Relationships

Whether it’s your significant other or a friendship, the ones that only bring you down HAVE GO TA GO. Stop making excuses of why your partner is consistently acting the way they are. “Oh they’re stressed out, so that’s why they were rude to me the last 4 months” “He doesn’t want me to see my friends because he loves hanging out with just me” I'm sorry honey but that’s called an asshole. A good friend of mine always told me, “picture your life 20 years from now. Can you see yourself with that person. You’ll be however old you are then looking back on this moment right now and thinking, wow I could have just ended it then and I would have had a chance to be so much happier than I am now.” If you keep trying to look at the bright side almost everyday of your relationship, it’s time to end it. Stay friends if possible and just both realize you’re only hurting each other by staying together. As far as your “friends”, you need to make sure they’re really your friends. Friends don’t make friends feel bad or put each other down. You guys are supposed to be each other’s biggest fans and supporters and continuously lifting each other up. You don’t have to see a friend every waking second of every day. It’s the quality that matters. If you’re out to lunch talking about something exciting or serious and all they can do if check out Katie’s new post on Instagram while you’re talking, they really don’t care. Those people aren’t worth your time love.

5. Being SO serious

Y’all need to chill the hell out sometimes, okay?! People acting like they have to be so serious all the time have a special spot on my shit list. One of my best friends has a tattoo that says, “Don’t take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive”. Have some fun, go travel and do what you love to do. We’re only here for a short time and you might as well make it worth it doing what you want to.

6. Saying at that shitty job

There is nothing worse that hearing your alarm go off in the morning and smashing the pillow over your head not because your tired, but because you know in about an hour your going to be at your job that you hate more than anything. Now don’t get me wrong, you could have a job playing with puppies for a living ( who would not love to do that ) and still have something you don’t like about it, but I’m talking about from the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out, you hate your life. You hate who you work with, you hate who you work for, and you hate what you have to do at work. What I don’t understand is that there are HUNDREDS of jobs out there that you can go for and maybe like way more. There is NO excuse of why you can’t. “It pays good” “I get good benefits” We’ll how bout making almost the same amount, maybe less but actually SMILING when you walk in the door at another job?! You deserve to work for a place that actually VALUES you and appreciates all the hard work you do. Quit the job, and do something that doesn’t suck the life out of you.

7. Leave your phone alone.....okay sometimes.

If I had a PENNY for how many times my friends and I get together for lunch, and then everyone is on their phone he entire time, I would be a BILLIONAIRE. I’m no angel since I’m guilty of doing it quite often too, but I’ve started noticing how much I’m actually missing out on by always being on my phone. I’m not asking you to throw your phone off a cliff, but just put it away when your with friends, on trips and such. I would always go on trips and snapchat it because if I don’t then “did it really happen?!”. Live in the moment and enjoy it. Everyone doesn’t need to see every second of your life. You’ll notice how much more you experience and how much more efficient you are with your time.

8. Trends

Look I’m all for lace up shirts and fidget spinners, but sometimes it’s cool to show YOUR style. Don’t be afraid to wear, say and do what you want. Just because it’s not in the mainstream media doesn’t mean it’s lame. I remember in high school I wore these floral bright ass leggings to school. All the girls would look at me like “wtf”. And guess what. About two weeks later girls were wearing them. Another one of my favorites is “I couldn’t pull those off” WHY NOT? Did someone give you a personal manual saying you can not pull off fringe sweaters ever? I didn’t think so. Wear what you want, do what you want, and say what you want. That’s what makes you, YOU. And that’s the only trend you need to worry about.


9.  Busy-ness

I understand we all have very busy lives but you need to set some time aside to do fun stuff or be open to new things. Take a weekend day off and go shopping with your friends you haven’t seen in 3 months. Take a trip with you family. Try parasailing. RELAX. Sometimes all you need is some good ol fashioned me time. Whatever it is, schedule some time to have fun and just enjoy yourself.


10.Spending heinous amounts of money

I don't know if we all think we’re Beyoncé or something, but there’s no reason we’re spending the amount of money we spend. I looked at my bank statement the other day and I realized I spent over $800 last month on JUST FOOD. Like what?! I looked it up and that amount of money could have bought a round trip to California, three nights in a decent hotel and STILL had $143 to spend on whatever I want. Save your money and cook at home, instead of that Jimmy Johns you get 6 times a month, you would have had enough money to buy 2 round trip train tickets to Chicago. The Starbucks frapp that you have to have 4 times a week, well by the end of the year that could have bought you 2 skydiving trips. Budget a little better and spend money on what you REALLY need.

Well there you have it! The most important 10 things that you need to cut off, like now. Down the road if your life is still going terrible still, don't say we didn't tell you so! Just even a few of these things will drastically change your 2018. You never know until you try, and now is the time!